Karlsgrave Kannibal

The MO

Crime scenes consist of a massive splatter of blood that may contain remaining fragments of extremities.  No footprints, somatic materials, or fibers have been recovered relating to the killer.  No disruptions of the blood spatter were noted, which is remarkable considering there is no accounting for the somatic form of the killer while the killings were being committed.

No traces of the proximal limbs, trunks, or heads of the bodies have been recovered.  Of the distal limbs that have been recovered, there appears to be massive teeth marks indicating the means by which the body parts were removed.  No intact bodies of the victims have been recovered. 

At the scene of the murder of the unknown victim, a greyish-black ooze was found near the blood spray.  This ooze appears to be organic, and bears no similarity to the arcane amoebae that Gwen encountered in Knightsbridge.  Notably, Alex detected traces of magic from the sample (transmutation, divination, conjuration, and necromancy).  Gwen's divine sense was unable to detect any findings.

Remarkably, despite the extent of these crime scenes, no direct witnesses to any of the crimes have come forward.

While the media has been reporting on these serial killings as being the work of the Karlsgrave Kannibal[sic], there has been no evidence of cannibalism occurring at any of the crime scenes.


The Victims

Sir Delwyn Parbage, human, age unknown

Date found: 14th Snowsfall, 248

Location: Deserted alley in Riverside.

A second generation colonial, Sir Parbage is nouveau riche with an inherited title but is otherwise unremarkable.  Friends of the victim report having a night out with the victim and suspect that Sir Parbage stepped out into the alley in order to relieve himself.  (It is unknown as to why he did not use the facilities indoors, except that intoxication may have factored into that decision – TF)

The victim had no immediate family.  No body parts were recovered, however, the hilt of a family sword was found in the gore.


Herdston Collyer, human, 43

Date Found: 9th Midwinter, 248

Location: Main floor of his home

Mr. Collyer was an estate manager in the employ of Count Bedivere Keene.  The home was thoroughly damaged during the events of this crime, including notable nail marks in the floorboards possibly indicating the victim attempted to escape his attacker.  The door lock was damaged, possibly indicating forced entry.  No belongings were missing from the home, ruling out robbery.  Mr. Collyer's wife and daughter were out of town at the time of the attack.  Two arms and a leg remained.


Baron Kona Kugele, human, age unknown

Date found: 12th Snowsmelt

Location: His study

Baron Kugele was a member of the Karlsmeet with the House of Lords.  His views were fairly radical towards favouring free markets and property owners.  The baron had apparently been dispatched while still seated at his study desk.  Two hands, one with a signet ring, and two feet still in their boots remained.


Sabar Halthadda, dwarf, 234

Date found: 27th Snowsmelt

Location: Her personal balcony

Ms. Halthadda is a noted business owner with interests in arms and defense contracts.  While not particularly active, she served as a voting member for the House of Gentry.  She would take her morning tea in solitude on the balcony leading off her bedroom.  Two feet still in their slippers remained.


Reverend Mother Alice Bunnemere, human, 56

Date found: 3rd Blossom's Bloom

Location: Sacristy of temple of St. Xenia

Priestess of St. Xenia, human patron of healing and life.  The lock to the sacristy had been broken.  No body parts were recovered.



Date Found: 9th Midwinter

Location: Near bridge

The MO from this victim deviates from the other 5.  The target has not yet been identified and does not correlate with any missing persons reported.  The remains of this body were the most substantial of any victim, with two whole arms and legs.  Witnesses heard a male-pitched scream but there were no visual reports.  Grey ooze was recovered from the scene. (This is the scene we encountered on our first day here, remember?  Agnu, you mentioned that it didn't have the look of being a hit… looks like you were probably right. - TF)


Persons of Interest

Ferane and Anach Collyer

The wife and daughter of Herdston Collyer.  Although they were out of town at the time of the murders, they may have insight into enemies of the victim.

Count Bedivere Keene

The elderly former employer of Herdston Collyer, Count Keene served with the House of Lords.  He was a patron of the Wizard's College, and a progressive noble who bought automatons for the school.  Notable for having been involved in an altercation with an unknown knight, which culminated in a dual overseen by Reverend Bunnemere.  He appears to also have been at odds with Baron Kugele.  Count Keene died on 28th Summers Wane 248, apparently due to old age.

Baron Kugele's automatons

They were present at the Baron's during the murder (and may have witnessed something important – TF).

Ngema Kugele

Daughter, 20, of Baron Kugele.

Sister and brother Halthadda

Names currently unknown, have taken over Halthadda manufacturing in their sister's stead.

New reverend father and clergy of St. Xenia

Edvar Mole

Goblin journalist profiling the murders.  The press has been involved from the start (presumably due to the grisly natures of the murders.  Gwen, do you still have his business card? – TF).  

Sofia Brie

Clerk at the offices of the Karlsmeet.  She may be able to provide more information regarding the voting histories of some of the victims.

Karlsgrave Kannibal

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