LeBarroniere is located at the crossroads between the Southern Dwarven Kingdom and the Elven Kingdom of the Sun, between Algeron and Gannaden. A river flows through LeBarroniere from the Northern Dwarven Kingdom to The New Sea. As a crossroads, LeBarroniere is a hub of trade in knowledge and commerce.

LeBarroniere is known for its trade. Raw materials and finished products flow from all of LeBarroniere’s neighbours, are improved, and flow out. LeBarroniere is also blessed with fertile farmlands and forests, and food isn’t a problem. In addition, LeBarroniere is home to many artists and intellectuals, supported by a culture of gentry philanthropy.

LeBarroniere is a human-dominated city, but is exceptionally cosmopolitan. It’s culturally part of Algeron, but there are large populations of Sun Elves, Southern Dwarves, Gannaden, and Desert peoples, not to mention halflings and gnomes of all shapes and sizes. This results in a rich intellectual tradition, and cultural diversity (“fuzzy borders”), and religious tension. Power is held by those with money, the old Algeron nobility and the bourgeois merchants. While the merchants are more diverse, they are also more transient. People of old Algeron descent feel pressured by the presence of Gannadens and other races. The rural miners, herdsmen, foresters, farmers and urban intellectuals and artisans experience tension. There are many roads to opportunity – commerce, intellect, the arts. Merchant Guilds wield plenty of power.


Temple Quarter
Home to the Cathedral of Savras the Diviner. Acolytes of Savras believe that knowledge is divinely granted, and spend their lives in meditation to open their minds to revelation via the Prime. Other temples include the Temple of Cuthbert, the Temple of Irori, and the Temple of Abadar. There are temple guards of the Order Templar.
h5. Temple of Savras the Diviner –
Monastery: Visitors to the monastery seek ancient knowledge, for which the monastery is known. The monastery complex, a large cathedral with several smaller buildings nearby, is in the centre of the Temple District of LeBarroniere. Buildings in the complex include a Cathedral, a meditation chapel, a cloister, a refectory, a library, and a school. Many of the ceilings are domes or cupolas. The complex is decorated with sturdy structures of finished wood. Many of the monastery’s interior walls are painted or lacquered wood. You notice the statue of a recognizable figure. The monastery guards the secret to spiritual enlightenment. The secret is known to monks that perform a particular service.
Temple: Worshippers pray to the Prime and to Savras, but others are available. The Temple is dedicated to Savras the Diviner, a god of knowledge. The temple is known for its strange mysteries and collected wisdom and prophecies. The temple entrance is guarded by beautiful statues of women, personifications of mystery and knowledge. The temple is a rectangle. The temple includes cells for solitary prayer, the audience chamber of the Prelate of LeBarroniere, crypts of several previous prelates and Exemplars, a large room dedicated to divination, chapels dedicated to lesser saints, a classroom, a library, a dormitory, a robing room, council chambers, and a banquet hall.

Palace Quarter
Home to the Olidaran dynasty. Most of the city’s knights and lords live here, but some uppity merchants have started moving into the neighbourhood.

University Quarter
People come from far and wide to access the knowledge and education of the University of LeBarroniere. Law, Medicine, Theology, all of the liberal arts are available to the inquisitive mind. Within the University District, there are also several specialized academies, and a major Chapter House of the International Order of Wizards.
h5. University of LeBarroniere
h5. Temple of Irori the Sage
h5. #####International Order of Wizards Local 517

Central Market
A hub of high-order merchants and artisans.
h5. Merchants’ Guild Hall
h5. Hall of Craft Guilds
h5. Hall of Artisans of Comestibles

North Riverside
A hub of merchants and artisans, trade and craft.
h5. Temple of Abadar the Merchant

South Riverside
Slightly poorer side of the city.

Eastern Quarter
Where you’re most likely to find Gannadens.
h5. Temple of Cuthbert the Cynic
h4. Dwarven Enclave
Located to the South. Dwarven merchants and craftsmen. A market for dwarven goods, and a temple to the dwarven pantheon. A guild hall for dwarven merchants and craftsmen. Inns and taverns where dwarves are the main guests. You see a shrewish dwarf-wife berating her husband from a window while he chops wood in the yard.
h5. Temple
h4. Elven Enclave
Located in the Northern Part of the city. It’s an area with noticeably more canopy. A market for elven goods, and a temple to the Elven pantheon. A guild hall for elven merchants and craftsmen. Inns and taverns where elves are the main guests.
h5. Temple of the Elven Pantheon

h4. Longshoremen
h4. Teamsters
h4. Ducal Faction
the house is old and struggling to maintain respect of other houses. House colours are dark grey. Their sigil is a lily. Their watchword is wisdom. The best-known house member was a famous traveler. The current head of house is a wily old woman. House goals include revenge against a rival house in another city. They keep old family members’ senility secret. Their seat of power is located in the city.
h4. Count Family 1
the house is ancient and well-respected by all houses great and small. House colours are turquoise. The sigil is a whale. their watchword is mercy. The best-known house member was a ruthless negotiator. The current head of house is a grim war veteran. House goals include marriage with a powerful rival house. They keep criminal sabotage of a rival house quiet. Their seat of power is in a fertile river valley.
h4. Count Family 2
the house is old with the respect of many houses, great and small. House colours are bronze. Their sigil is a bat. Their watchword is Patience. The best-known house member was a famous gifted orator. The current head of house is a child. House goals include domination of the region’s politics. their secret is treason against the sovereign. Their seat of power is in an idyllic hill country.
h4. Baron Family 1
The house is old and overshadowed by the others. Their colour is olive green. Their sigil is a star. Their watchword is Integrity. The best-known house member Firstname Lastname was a famous seafarer. The current house head Firstname Lastname is a heartbroken widower. His heir murdered his wife. House goals include domination of the city’s trade. Their seat of power is located in an ancient forest.
h4. Baron Family 2
the house is old and well-respected. Their colour is white, and their sigil is a beaver. Their watchword is Courtesy. The best-known house member Firstname Lastname was a brilliant strategist. The current head of house is a grim war veteran. Their current goal is marriage with a powerful rival house. They keep an age-old murder secret. Their base of power is located near a range of high mountains.
h4. Baron Family 3
the house is old and struggling to maintain respect of the other houses. Their colours are scarlet. Their symbol is a sparrow. Their watchword is Excellence. The best-known member of the house, Firstname Lastname, was a brilliant scholar. The current head, Firstname Lastname is a devout adherent of Savras. House goals include fomenting rebellion against the ruling house. They keep their treason a secret. Their seat of power is located within the city.
h4. Baron Family 4
family is newly-raised to nobility. Their colour is sky blue.Their symbol is a ferret. Their motto champions the ideal of Discipline. The most well-known house member is a beautiful woman Firstname Lastname. The head of house Firstname Lastname is an astute politician. House goals include domination of the city’s and region’s trade. The House keeps the birth of a malformed freak a secret. Their seat of power is within the city.
h4. Acolytes of Savras
The Acolytes of Savras believe in holy revelation. Their lives are spent fasting, ingesting herbs, flagellating themselves, and inducing psychotic visions in the hopes of receiving inspiration from The Divine.
h4. Order of Abadar the Merchant
The Order of Abadar observe that commerce is conducted fairly. They manage weights and measures in the town, and they observe its commerce. However, they have been known to appreciate their donors…
h4. Sages of Irori
The Sages are the preservers of ancient knowledge. Their initiates spend their days hunched over writing desks, copying out ancient texts in languages they don’t know. The elders spend their days contemplating and interpreting the texts. Sages have been known to write sermons that are spread throughout the Faith.
h4. The Cynics
h4. The Timberwolves
The mercenary troop wears brown uniforms emblazoned with a wolf. Their leader Tengris Thirsteim is a brutish thug. Troops are respectful of their commander. The troops are gainfully employed in war.They specialize in holding strategic positions. They’re notorious for singing bawdy songs. They fight by making direct frontal assaults. Many of them wear studded leader armour and wield Greatswords.
h4. The Blue Dragons
The mercenary troop’s banner is royal blue with a dragon. Their commander Aloysius Adalbert is a ruthless killer, and the troops feel rebellious against them. They’re currently employed as guards, but they specialize in siege-breaking. They’re notorious for leaving the dead to be eaten by beasts. They fight by frontal assault. They mostly wear chainmail and wield longswords.
h4. The Flamskalds
Their colours are red and their banner features a flame. Their commander Yans Fergut is a disgraced knight, of whom the troops are respectful. The troops are under contract with some nobles. They specialize in skirmishes and are notorious for drinking too much ale and wine. They fight with dirty tactics. They’re mostly armoured in Scale armour, wielding axes and shields.
h4. Bard’s College 1
h4. Bard’s College 2
h4. Guild of Mages
h4. Social Groups
h4. Academic Faction 1
h4. Academic Faction 2
h4. Academic Faction 3
h4. Farmer’s Association
h4. Herdsmen Association
h4. Foresters’ Association
h4. The River Rats
Known for petty theft, burglary, breaking & entering, and pickpocketing. Their colour is violet. Their symbol is the rat. They sport matching boots. Their leader Jack Dawkins is a charismatic demagogue. The gang targets young children for recruitment. The gang rebels against city elites. They arm themselves with wooden clubs and fight with ambush tactics. Their headquarters is in a shantytown near the river. They’re respected by beggars and thieves.
h4. The Salters’ Guild
Known for distributing a drug, sleepysalt. Their colour is Dark Grey. Their symbol is a goblet. They sport matching vests. Their leader Vernor Heinberg is a charming rogue. They target thieves for recruitment. Their goals include revenge against a rival gang in LeBarroniere. They arm themselves with throwing knives and fight using unpredictable maneuvers.Their HQ is located in the Palace District in the Town Hall. They’re feared by the poor.
h4. Hunger’s Freaks
Known for thieving and drug-running (sharpsugar). Their colour is blue-grey. Their symbol is a clenched fist. They sport matching scarves. Their leader Hunger Jensen is a mysterious foreigner. They target beggars for recruitment. Their goals include domination of the city’s trade. Gang members arm themselves with hammers and daggers, and attack with lots of screaming and shouting. Their HQ is in the Temple district. The gang is feared by fishermen and sailors.


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